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By September 13, 2017September 21st, 2017Uncategorized

Nick Xenophon and his team must spell out what action they have taken to protect media jobs and media diversity in South Australia as part of their latest deal with the Turnbull Government.

After selling out taxpayers by endorsing massive company tax cuts in March, then selling out students, parents and teachers by waving through massive cuts to school funding in June, Senator Xenophon now looks set to sell out Australian media diversity.

One Nation Senators have made clear that they are supporting the changes to media laws in return for an inquiry that has the potential to gut both the ABC and SBS.

There are also deeply concerning reports today that changes to media laws could clear the way for moves to decimate Network Ten operations in South Australia.

South Australia is already an extremely concentrated media market that has seen too many media jobs go in recent times. We cannot afford further concentration of ownership, and further losses of jobs and news services interstate.

Senator Xenophon must stand up for South Australia, stand up for media diversity or be accountable for every media job lost in the state as a result of his latest deal with the Turnbull Government.