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By November 14, 2017January 9th, 2018SMOS

Turnbull has been so busy protecting the foreign citizens in his ranks that he continues to neglect the important issue of foreign political donations.

Labor introduced legislation to ban foreign political donations on November 28, 2016.

After months of silence, George Brandis finally told Sky News on June 6 this year, nearly 200 days after Labor’s legislation was introduced, that the government would introduce its own foreign donations legislation during the spring sittings of Parliament.

They keep talking about it but they still haven’t done it.

By the time the House of Representatives next sits, it will be one day short of a year since Labor introduced our political donation reforms to the Parliament.

The Liberals say they will follow Labor’s lead and ban foreign donations but have wasted nearly a year making excuses and playing the blame game.

Why won’t they just get on with it?

The unplanned shift of the Special Minister of State portfolio to Mathias Cormann must not be used as yet another excuse for postponing action on this issue.