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By September 11, 2020May 11th, 2021Tourism

Tourism businesses across Australia need a real plan from the Morrison Government not just more announcements.

While Labor welcomes the $50 million Business Events Exhibitor Grants program, many sectors of the tourism industry will not benefit from the grants.

While a number of regional communities experienced some improvement in visitor numbers and spending in June, tourism spending across Australia was down by 65 per cent, a loss of nearly $4 billion.

Regional towns without a convention centre or facilities suited to large business events will be at a disadvantage compared to capital cities when it comes to accessing the business events grants program.

It’s another announcement from a government quick with a media release but slow to release desperately needed support to struggling sectors and with no real plan for Australian tourism.

No plan for the aviation sector.

No plan for travel agents.

No plan for tourism-reliant regional communities.

No plan for the 312,174 tourism businesses across the country or the more than one million people they employ.

After battling for months, the tourism sector deserves better than just ad hoc announcements.