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Scott Morrison has abandoned Australia’s tourism sector.

Tourism was thriving less than 18 months ago, providing jobs for more than a million people.

But as it fights to survive the devastating impact of bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism has been left out in the cold by a Government that is not on its side.

The sector has warned Scott Morrison that there will be more jobs lost and businesses closed if the industry is not supported until Australia can safely re-open to international visitors.

That is at least a year away because the Morrison Government has broken its promise to get Australians vaccinated quickly and failed to manage national quarantine.

Scott Morrison has let down Australia’s tourism sector and left it to fade to merely a ghost of what it was before the pandemic.

Every day that goes by under Scott Morrison puts thousands of Australian jobs and businesses at risk.

Australia’s tourism deserves a government that is on its side, not one that is prepared to let it slowly die.

Industry statements on Morrison’s Budget tourism failure:

“We will see more job losses and we will see many, many business failures out of this. And when the borders do finally open in the absence of any additional ongoing support, we’ll be lucky to have a tourism industry to welcome international tourists back into the country.” – Tourism and Transport Forum

“It is important to note that parts of the sector unable to pivot to domestic tourism still require support until the impact of international visitation starts trickling back in.” – Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“The Federal Budget outlook indicates no foreseeable international market recovery for Australia’s visitor economy, and this sadly spells further tourism business and job losses. Low national COVID-19 vaccination rates need to be rapidly lifted urgently, to enable industry to work constructively with the Government on a safe, if staggered, future border re-opening timetable.” – Australian Tourism Industry Council

“Without committed support from the Government, the inbound tour operator cohort, including distributors, travel agents and tour operators, along with other major internationally focused tourism product, will have to make tough decisions about their future with many likely to close. If we lose critical supply chain businesses like inbound tour operators we lose Australia’s ability to re-engage with the international travel marketplace, leaving us to be overtaken by more competitive and efficient destinations.” – Australian Tourism Export Council