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By June 3, 2019November 12th, 2019Uncategorized

I am honoured to be reappointed to the roles of Shadow Special Minister of State and Shadow Minister for Sport and to be given responsibility as Shadow Minister for Tourism and Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader of the Opposition.

As Shadow Special Minister of State I remain committed to strengthening our democratic institutions.

Labor is committed to lowering the donation disclosure threshold to $1000 and establishing a framework for real-time disclosure. Labor will continue to work with all parties and stakeholders to strengthen Australia’s democracy.

The sport sector deserves stability and a clear course but under the Liberals and Nationals has had to deal with five different Ministers for Sport and an acting minister in less than six years.

I will continue to work to ensure Australia’s sporting future is one in which governments help to break down barriers to grassroots participation, particularly for women and girls, Australians with a disability and Indigenous Australians, while also strengthening our elite sports programs and integrity arrangements.

Tourism is a vital sector to our local and national economies and I welcome my new role as Shadow Minister.

Tourism is an extremely important industry in Australia, contributing more than three per cent in GDP to our economy and employing more than five per cent of our national workforce in 2017-18.

As I did when I previously served as Minister Assisting for Tourism, I will work hand in hand with industry to ensure it has the support it deserves from government.

I know first-hand the huge importance of tourism to Australia’s regional communities, witnessing regularly the benefits it brings to friends, neighbours and local businesses in the community of the Clare Valley in South Australia, a popular tourism destination.

Labor’s Shadow Ministry recognises the significance of tourism to Australia’s regional local economies, with the appointment of Senator Carol Brown as Shadow Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Tourism and we will work together to engage with regional communities and support tourism opportunities across Australia.

As Minister Assisting the Leader of the Opposition, I look forward to working closely with the Leader, his Shadow Cabinet and Caucus team to hold the government to account.