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By February 27, 2019November 12th, 2019SMOS

Labor will seek to disallow new regulations sneakily made by Scott Morrison that would allow the Liberals to spend more than $22 million of taxpayers’ money on political advertisements on television and radio.

Analysis of AusTender contracts shows that Government is already spending $600,000 a day on taxpayer-funded advertising – and now they are raiding electorate office budgets for even more ads.

The Government has secretly changed the rules that govern how MPs and Senators can spend their office budgets, removing the long-standing ban on this public funding being used to pay for the production or placement of political content on television or radio.

This taxpayer-funded budget is for Members and Senators to communicate with their constituents – not run ads of Scott Morrison on TV.

By amending regulations, the Government has tried to sneak these changes through out of sight of the Parliament.

It is a disgraceful move that Australians will see straight through.

And it is yet another example of how disgustingly out-of-touch the Liberals and Nationals are with the Australian people.

Under these dodgy new rules, every time voters are bombarded with a Liberal or National political ad on TV or radio, it is Scott Morrison wasting $22 million of taxpayers’ money trying to save his own job.

This is a chaotic and desperate poor excuse for a government, lurching from scandal to scandal and doing everything it can to splurge taxpayers’ money on advertising and line up jobs for its mates.

Whether it’s Georgina Downer’s face on a novelty cheque, Christian Porter’s bus that isn’t free but he just hasn’t paid for it yet, or Liberals lining up to help Helloworld, this government has a smell about it.

Now they’ve stooped to changing the rules so they can waste taxpayers’ money on political TV and radio ads.