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By October 24, 2018SMOS

Scott Morrison is trying to placate the outspoken former Prime Minister and former Deputy Prime Minister with extra staff.

The latest Prime Minister has given an adviser and an assistant adviser to both the old former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, and the current former Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce.

These extra staffing allocations are being provided to them in the roles he created for them as Special Envoys and are additional to extra staff both already had as a former Prime Minister and former Deputy.

Senator Zed Seselja also refused to provide information when asked about government advisers being paid above the established salary band.

Not only is Scott Morrison using staffing sweeteners to buy some breathing room from the outspoken Coalition cast-offs, he is also continuing the Liberal tradition of hiding secret sweetheart deals used to top-up advisers’ pay packets with millions of extra dollars of tax-payers’ money.

Australians are battling record low wage growth and attacks on penalty rates, while Liberal staff in government offices are paid above the rates relevant to their positions without any justification from the Government.

The Liberals are divided, unstable, illegitimate and entirely focused on their own in-fighting.

Australians deserve a Prime Minister who is focused on their jobs and wages, not jobs and wages designed to placate his political predecessors.