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By October 13, 2019November 25th, 2019Uncategorized

Privatisation is in the Liberal’s DNA.

Whether it’s the Federal Liberals privatising visa processing and Centrelink call centres, or the State Liberals’ selling off South Australia’s tram and train network, they can’t help themselves.

The Liberals will always put misguided, short-term budget windfalls ahead of South Australian jobs and quality public services.

Selling-off SA’s rail networks is no-win scenario for South Australians as it would  result in higher fares and cuts to services – bad news for local commuters and bad for tourists visiting our great state.

South Australian commuters are concerned about cuts to local services they rely on and tram and train workers are anxious about the future of their jobs.

Unemployment in SA has blown out to 7.3 per cent on the Liberals’ watch.

But instead of working to create jobs the State Liberals are spending all their time plotting to privatise public assets that employ thousands and provide essential services to many more.

The State Liberals needs to come clean about whether they will put South Australians’ interests first or push ahead with privatising everything from hospital patient transport to Service SA, for nothing more than short-term budget windfalls.

South Australians have spoken up through public forums and petitions.

If the Liberals are listening, they’ll put the brakes on their privatisation agenda.