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By February 5, 2018SMOS

Reports that Liberals could have hidden foreign donations by funnelling them through offshore accounts are deeply concerning.

The implication of today’s reports – that those donations might have bought access to ministers and favourable treatment – is even more worrying.

All Australians deserve to have confidence in the integrity of their government, their parliament, the public service and our public institutions.

But it is no wonder that confidence is eroded when Liberals spruik cash for access deals, hide donations and allow former ministers to flout the Statement of Ministerial Standards.

Even the Prime Minister used loop holes to ensure he delayed disclosing his record-breaking $1.75 million donation to his party before the last election for nearly 500 days.

These latest revelations show, yet again, that the Liberals simply don’t care about transparency and accountability in government.

Labor knows Australians expect and deserve more of their elected representatives.

This is why we have led the way on reforming Australia’s political donation system, repeatedly called on Malcolm Turnbull to enforce the Standards in relation to his former ministers and will establish a National Integrity Commission to prevent, investigate and eliminate corruption.

The ball is now in Malcolm Turnbull’s court. He’s delayed donation reform and his ministers keep ruling out a National Integrity Commission.

Who is calling the shots and what have the Liberals got to hide?