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By December 3, 2019December 13th, 2019Tourism

Tourism is a key industry for South Australia but it is being let down by the Marshall Liberal State Government.

It takes planning, strategy and investment to ensure the tourism sector continues to support over 18,000 thousand local businesses and create more than 38,000 jobs across the State.

The Liberal State Government has slashed $23 million from the Tourism budget, cutting investment in marketing our great state to the lowest level in five years.

Now they have the gall to tell the industry and the many South Australians it employs that these Liberal cuts won’t have an impact.

Figures released by the Tourism Industry Council of South Australia this week make it clear that this lacklustre Liberal State Government should be doing more, not less to support opportunities in the sector.

Modelling completed by the Council indicates that South Australia has the potential for an extra $944 million a year and an extra 5400 jobs.

Labor has warned the State Government time and time again of the impact of their cuts.

Industry has echoed these concerns, detailing lower confidence in the economy and in hiring new employees.

Given South Australia’s increasing unemployment rate, it is incredulous that the Marshall Government would fail to recognise this industry for the powerhouse it is.

Labor understands that a thriving tourism industry delivers jobs and greater economic return to the State.

We urge the Marshall Liberal State Government to fully recognise the potential of this industry and reverse their cuts, reinvesting in tourism in South Australia.