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By March 11, 2020Sport

Clubs and councils the Morrison Government rejected under its rorted sports grants program have expressed their ongoing anger and frustration to a Senate inquiry hearing in Adelaide.

Witnesses appearing before the Senate Select Committee on Administration of Sports Grants said all they expect is fairness, honesty and integrity.

But all they are getting from Scott Morrison is more spin, more denial and more cover-ups.

Clubs whose projects Sport Australia assessed as among the most meritorious want the Morrison Government to do the right thing.

Labor has already called on Scott Morrison to fund the projects Sport Australia recommended, but he refuses to do so.

It is yet another slap in the face for grassroots clubs whose volunteers, in some cases, spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on their applications.

The Select Committee will hear from more of the highest-rated unsuccessful applicants at Thursday’s hearing in Melbourne, from 9:15am.

Today, McLaren Football Club President Mr Darren Lines summed up the sentiment of snubbed clubs when he invited Scott Morrison to “come out and have a look and please explain to the young ladies who were involved in our football club why we were overlooked”.

“He can explain to them why the merit system was ignored,” Mr Lines said.