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By June 24, 2020May 11th, 2021Sport

The Federal Government office responsible for developing women’s policy wasn’t consulted on a $150 million Morrison Government fund that was meant to help female athletes.

Answers to Labor’s questions lodged in the Senate reveal the Office for Women was not consulted, or even aware of the $150 million Female Facilities and Water Safety Stream announced in the 2019-2020 Budget.

It beggars belief the Office for Women was not consulted on a sporting fund that was meant to support female sporting facilities.

It just exposes this grant program for what it really was: sports rorts designed to help the Morrison Government’s re-election prospects.

It has previously been revealed that Scott Morrison spent less than 15 per cent of this funding on female change rooms.

Most of the $150 million of taxpayers’ cash was pumped into swimming pools in Coalition-held marginal electorates and, more than a year after the election, less than $9 million has actually been delivered.

The female athletes Scott Morrison said would no longer have to change “in cars or out the back of the sheds” have been left out in the cold.

We all know the shocking stories of crowded and outdated community sporting facilities across the country that are not fit for use by female athletes.

This is why it is so disappointing this program was not even designed in consultation with the Federal Government department responsible for Australian women.

The Morrison Government must explain why this consultation did not take place – Australia’s female athletes deserve answers.